This simple trick can stop bananas going brown. That’s very useful!


It’s time to say goodbye to brown bananas!
Bananas turn brown, soft and unpleasant to eat: Unfortunately, buying a bundle often ends in a race against time. It is one of those things in life that we should only accept. Or not

Bananas are full of minerals, vitamins and fiber. They are also pretty full; After eating a banana, you will probably stop eating snacks. Unfortunately, they turn brown very quickly, which is frankly appetizing. But what is the exact reason for that? With one word; In special maturity stores, the so-called ethylene is released when bananas have to ripen. This ethylene starts the ripening process and as a result, bananas will also produce ethylene. That’s why they change color as they mature. Fortunately, there is a way to avoid this. We have a trick for you that will keep your bananas yellow. In this way, you can buy many bananas without having to throw half of them!

There is a simple trick to keeping your bananas fresh and even preventing them from turning brown. For this purpose, the stem of each banana is wrapped with an adhesive film, which delays the maturation process.

As simple as that! Share this trick with your friends so they can also stop a bunch of bananas from getting into the trash!

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