Do you regularly eat canned fruit? So this is essential for you!


Is fruit preserves healthy or not?
It’s simple: canned fruit. It is not necessary to buy large pieces of fruit, peel and cut into pieces. They can be stored much longer than fresh fruit. But how much does a healthy fruit preserve really cost and does it really decrease something? Does canned fruit contain so many fresh fruit vitamins or does it break down vitamins while preserving the fruit?

Is canned fruit as healthy as fresh fruit?

We all know that fruit is healthy. It contains many vitamins and is usually low in calories. In addition, the fruit contains many healthy fiber, which promote digestion. It is advisable to take 200 grams of fruit per day, which is about two pieces of fruit. Because of all the healthy vitamins, the consumption of fruits reduces the risk of diseases like diabetes and cancer. The focus is on fresh fruit and not on fruit smoothies or juices. Why?

Pre-packed fruit
In the shops there are all kinds of packaged fruits. Cans, glasses, but also plastic containers. These plastic containers are in the fridge and contain fresh fruit pieces. Plastic is not good for the environment, but the fruits inside are just as healthy for us as other fresh fruits. The only additive for these containers is a little lemon juice to keep the fruits fresh.

canned fruits
Many people, including us, feel that eating canned fruit or dried fruit is just as healthy as eating fresh fruit. Of course, some of the nutrients may be lost during the preservation process, but there are still plenty left, right? It turns out that this is not true at all, as fruit preserves are much less healthy than you think! We hate to disappoint you (and ourselves), but most of the time, canned fruit is added to large amounts of sugar.

Not only is the sugar content worrying, have you ever noticed how they make canned fruit so clean? Go to the next page to find out the truth.

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