How should I choose a medical malpractice attorney?


After careless treatment from a trusted doctor or hospital, it can be difficult to choose a lawyer from the sea with unknown names. The law office of your choice may be the most important decision you have ever made in your case. Ask any lawyer you are considering how many negligence cases they have actually tried. So, for the same price, ask yourself, do you prefer to have O’Keefe’s experience and expertise to represent you?

Here are some things to look for when hiring a lawyer who represents you:


Not all lawyers are created equal. Many lawyers now work as general practitioners, which means they deal with all types of cases, from criminal to civil matters. However, if medical negligence has occurred, it is important to have a medical negligence representative. You don’t want a lawyer whose first hearing will take place in this case. Civil lawyers also rarely go to court because many of their cases are resolved without a trial. At O’Keefe, Stephen O’Keefe has years of specialized experience in negligence matters. Although your case can be resolved without entering the courtroom, you can be sure that Mr. O’Keefe has the necessary trial experience to fight for his rights before the jury.


Make sure you and your potential lawyer connect on a personal level. Some people just don’t click and this should be taken into account when choosing a lawyer.
Costs: A potential lawyer should offer free advice. Our consultations are always free. No client should be excluded from legal assistance simply because he cannot afford the cost of consulting. When you meet a lawyer and decide to hire him, you should discuss the estimated cost of the case. Customers often do not pay anything in advance for professional misconduct. In fact, the customer only pays if he wins his case. Usually a lawyer works on a “rescue fee” and earns a percentage of the comparative verdict or jury. Ask your lawyer if he or she incurs the costs of the dispute. The cost of litigation can easily reach tens of thousands of dollars.


contact your friends, colleagues, judges and other lawyers. I hope you or your family will never need a medical malpractice attorney. If you can’t make a personal recommendation, searching the Internet can be a valuable tool.

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